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Abdominoplasties are some of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. While there are many types of body contouring procedures to choose from they are all useful to achieve an improved body shape. The important thing is to perform the correct procedure on the correct patient.


Body contouring is just a general category that includes tummy tucks, liposuction, and body lifts. It is useful to correct the changes that have occurred from pregnancy and weight loss.. The surgeon's job is to perform the best procedure for the patient's needs. That is why experience matters.
A large portion of our patients wish to have a "mommy makeover" in which a tummy tuck is an integral part. The results can be dramatic and immediate although there will be improvement over time. The unfortunate part is that the scar (usually concealed by clothes) will be permanent.


The ideal candidate is one who is in relatively good shape who has a degree of fat/skin that will not respond to diet and exercise. For those who have lost a large amount of weight it is important for your weight to stabilize prior to the procedure.
Previous abdominal procedures and a large degree of intra abdominal fat may make improvement difficult. You should discuss this with your surgeon. Elimination of aspirin and other ìblood thinningî agents is also important. You will need a physical exam performed by your regular physician prior to the procedure. It is best to be well hydrated going into any operation.
Finally it is important to have realistic expectations regarding what body contouring can do for you. This must be discussed in the pre-operative visit with your surgeon. Ask questions and discuss your concerns.


It is important that the correct procedure is performed based on your individual anatomy and your expectations. Options range from liposuction alone, mini or modified tummy tucks, full tummy tuck with or without adjacent liposuction, or in extreme cases a full body lift. Talk to your surgeon and discuss your goals.


Most body contouring procedures are done under general anesthesia.our surgeon will again discuss the surgical plan and mark the proposed incision before you go to sleep. With a full tummy tuck an incision extending from hip to hip and an incision around the belly button will be made. For mini and modified tummy tucks the incision is much shorter and none is made around the belly button.

The skin and fat is lifted off the abdominal wall. The muscles are usually tightened, then excess skin is removed. A new opening for the belly button is made, drains are placed and the incisions are then closed.